Gobble Gobble Gobble!


It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing quickly and the weather even more so.  Brrrrr!

Tired of not really getting a moment to really sit down and enjoy those conversations with family members and friends you would like to catch up with? Worried everything may not run smoothly? Want a stress-less (or mostly!) day?

Make this year’s Holiday Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Event a breeze by pre-planning your week, day, even down to the hour!

Simple Steps to save you time, sanity and money!

Start the process the Week or two ahead:

1)       First, breathe!  Sit down with a cup of tea, take some ‘pre-planning’ time and flip through those old family recipes (or new ones) and decide your FULL menu from Hor’s to Desserts/Coffees now.  (You know, the ones you say every year you are going to make!)

2)     Write out your menus and all supplies, herbs, paper products, wraps, etc. you will need. Include possibly a throw-away tin pan for Turkey instead of having to clean it afterwards!  Treat yourself!

3)     Watch grocery circulars and cut out ahead all supplies you will need.  Fill the pantry now!  Shop ahead save money, use coupons and stand in less lines too! (Or do alittle each week!)

4)     Pull out, launder all linens, tablecloths, etc.  Pull out now the platters, plates, silverware, dessert cups, bowls, napkins you have.  Take inventory and go purchase what you still need ahead. (Planning on paper for desserts?  Great, get enough for 2 plates pp and 2-3 forks/spoons pp.- don’t want to run out!

5)     2-3 Days before:  Wash/Dry, Stack in Dining Room all ready-to-go plates, bowls, serving utensils, platters, coffee makers, candles, etc.

6)     Decide when to cook/time your entrée – plan ahead!

7)     Bake, Cook desserts BEFORE day of!  Also prep or pre-cook any sides you can!  Place in pretty serving bowls, dishes – ready to reheat and go!

8)     Night before get the family to chip in and decorate, set up Dining Room or whatever you can ahead to save time!

9)     Day of:  Finish any smaller remaining items such as ice buckets, entrée, Open wine bottles, gravy(can even make ahead or purchase!), etc.  Maybe assign tasks with a list on your kitchen island for each family member to help!

Now you are ready to answer the door with a smile, rested, and ready to receive AND ENJOY your guests this year!

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Bon Apetit!

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