Holiday Organizing & Storage

Maybe this is the season you will finally decide to sort out all that holiday chaos in those holiday boxes for the holiday your family celebrates.  You know what I’m talking about don’t you now, admit it! -  Done with last year, out of time and patience so you just decided to pack quickly or throw in the boxes and promise yourself that next year you would ‘really’ sort it all once and for all.

Well, maybe this is the year!  Plan ahead and purchase that tree bag, new storage boxes/containers, ornament boxes or tubs (with separators), box or tub for ribbons, bows and ties and tags.  Get a zip lock bag out and permanent mark the year on it and store those holiday cards and letters so you will get a head start on next year’s cards and family letters.

Set aside a solid block of un-interrupted time for this task (phone calls included!) and when you start taking down those decorations use your open tables, chairs, islands, etc. for landing ‘zones’ marked for each type of decoration you have.  (maybe there are ‘lighter’ years you travel or want less displayed -then build yourself a ‘pass’ year with one or two such boxes ahead).

By putting all ‘LIKE’ items in specific ‘ZONES’ you can then review and make decisions on the items at hand by deciding what to:  keep, pass down now, put away for passing down later, donate, fix, throw away, etc. in each area.

Now decide where to store your items for easy access next year with the next holiday box in the front ready to go at a moment’s notice!  (i.e.:  Holiday boxes will now be in the back with rest following suit so very next holiday is rotated to the front!)

Tips for enjoying the upcoming season

  • Plan ahead.  Make a Master Holiday Plan/Check List.  One you can use each year.
  • Plan out your holiday season well in advance and BE REALISTIC!  Block out shopping time accordingly – possibly save time by planning a few nights on way home from work.  Don’t forget your pet, surprise Yankee swap/gift you may need or Hostess gifts you may need!
  • Write down your holiday theme, if any this year.  Shop early for best picks and no lines!
  • Purchase your wrapping items, if needed or shop your storage, leftovers now.  Hit the discount stores now while they have the stock.  Pick tissue papers that compliment but can be used year-round.  Check the clearance areas for partial or broken groupings that can be used for pretty package decorations. (maybe wrap in earth friendly re-useable bags/totes for others to use year round!)
  • Don’t like to decorate?  Have a decoration party or combine with your book club or other group!
  • Computerize your Holiday Card list once and for all.  (Use for address book also!)
  • Purchase labels, stamps, cards now!
  • Take pictures now!  Write your updated family letter now unhurried!
  • Make ahead any cookie dough and freeze – ready to pull out to bake a batch when unexpected guests arrive or to be used for holidays to save time!
  • Pull out and launder, press all linens, napkins, etc. ahead.  (place over chair or in unused bedroom for now.
  • Polish silverware or platters now.
  • Make out your holiday season entertaining or food ingredient list now and shop early to have on-hand in your pantry to save time and $.
  • Check your candles and strings of lights for inside and out and replace worn ones.
  • Late November or early December order all floral arrangements /gifts for delivery for yourself or others.  (with specific dates for delivery)
  • Add a touch of live greenery around the house inside or out.
  • Enjoy the season without the chaos once and for all!