kissOr as I prefer K.S.S.!!

Keep SIMPLE Systems!

KSS Systems – The difference between daily success or failure really. KSS works best and most efficient with THE LEAST amount of stress, anxiety, extra work, etc. Do it right the first time!

Especially with children and elderly, or anyone with ADD/ADHD, Set up (or re-establish a ‘new and improved’ system) Systems that will work with your needs every time with least amount of friction, time spent, etc.

For instance, look around at all those ‘mini’ or ‘larger’ piles in your spaces home or office. Maybe you have tried to OVER organize or sub-file things by day, week, month…and as life happens it has started to take over because you don’t do yet because you want to ‘file’ it right, have time to sort it (again) don’t have time, etc. Maybe your system while great in theory really isn’t working or too complicated or too many steps -which shows by the growing piles.

STOP! Simplify! Add some organizing relief to your system. Stop the cycle now! Let’s get rid of those stalking piles all over! Maybe the pile really only needs to be sorted by type, category or year..

Re-think your work or home system(s) so they ‘really’ work for you, your lifestyle and needs. Maybe it’s OK to have all the kids school pictures in a paperbox by year versus overly sub divided by type, week, month, year, etc. Just simplify by dating each on back with child’s name and placing in the box marked ‘by child and year’!  NOTE: If you put on top each time you will always be able to go back and grab for any reason or later years be able to hand off or make that scrapbook!

Take any pile you have and give yourself some organizing relief all around you by simplifying your process by rethinking your real needs so it works each and every time!

This way or organizing doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful or frustrating – you had great intentions but just need a little KSS principle applied!

Don’t OVERthink or OVER do – Just Simplify!

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