Organize NOW – Stressless Summertime Fun Tips!

FLIP FLOPS/Sandals:  O my gosh, if you have kids then you know what happens with all the summer shoes strewn everywhere and not one pair to be found when needed!

Recycle  large open tote, bin or colorful bucket (decorate to personalize for  a fun project!) Place all the sandals, flip flops,etc.  into one summertime fun dumping zone!

Love gardening &  flowers  but don’t have time to keep looking for those shears or gloves?  Repurpose an old shelf, table, area of garage or cellar and make yourself a Gardening Zone just for you!  Clean out and set up ahead all your pots by sizes, color, etc.  (use one for holding the shears, spades,etc.if you don’t have a backing to hand from a screen)  Put all your gloves, sprays, tools, potting soils, fertilizers, etc. and set up a nice visually appealing gardening station.  Maybe decorate with a framed picture or verse just for you!

BBQ Time!  Take an hour and pull out and dust off all the summer-ware platters, BBQ tools, recipes you wanted to try, foil, pretty napkins, paper and plastics, etc. to be ‘ready to go’ for those last minute or unexpected guests for dinner!  Always have a backup plan for side dish macaroni or summer pasta salad in your pantry just in case you get caught off guard and need to bolster up a side dish!  Don’t forget to clean off grill and check your tank to make sure ready to go also!

Summer Snack Time - O My how they can eat!  Whether you are working with a sitter or trying to get a project done without constant stopping place a plastic container ahead in the fridge with ready-made portioned snacks (depends on age of child) carrot sticks, apples washed, fruit, grapes, cheese sticks, sandwiches, whatever for a quick go-to food.

Want to spruce up your outdoors abit?  Add alittle ambiance to your deck, yard, terrace, outdoors to enjoy with or without company?  Try old glassware, bowls or my favorite- canning jars and put some colorful sand, pebbles or shells, glass from your favorite beach with either  votives or if buggy area some citronella candles in each and decorate.  Hang off fence, flower stands, or  solid tree branches with hangers wrapped in colorful ribbon, macramé, ribbons, whatever you like!  Could also place on tables or deck tops (be mindful of small children) to add abit of flair this summer for fun!

Those Toys Always searching for some sport ball, sneaker, mitt?  Outside toys finding their way indoors… Set up a box, recycled repurposed bin, inexpensive canvas bag in your kid traffic areas in mudroom, garage, right inside door to grab the stuff!  Plce jumpropes, bubbles, wands, balls, mitts, yard toys of various sorts in this yard play zone so kids can always find!   Have a strong solid hook system or coat rack already?  Great!  For the summer hang laundry bags (mark or decorate each accordingly) and place like items in each (ie: all balls, all small toys, swim toys/goggles, etc.)

Summer Trunk Time!  Time to seasonally clean out your trunk!  Set up a collapsible crate or box with those essential must haves for the beach to be ready to go!  Extra beach sheet , towels, sunblock, books, cards, toys such as checkers, cards, activity books, sandtoys (can start washing out yogurt cups, plastics to use also!)

Survival Bags!  Yup, You’ll need them!

Repurpose some plastic see through pouches, buy them or use zip lock bags and mark each accordingly:

Baby/Toddler Survival:  extra bottle/sippy cup, 2 diapers/cream, water bottle, sunblock if appropriate, washcloth, wipes, extra ziplocks for old diapers,, baby snacks/formula, sun flappy hat (can make in a pinch by using ballcap/hat and placing the washcloth under along back to protect back of neck from sun), small baby toys, pacifier, etc.

First Aid:  Bandaids, spray Neosporin, lollipops, water, etc.

Kids:  snacks such as goldfish, cookies, rollups, deck cards, lollipops (fruit), I spy, activity books, crayons, magnifying glass, small binoculars or bird book, telescope, etc.

Swim Time!  Always looking for that suit, flip flop, sunglasses??  Look no more!  Set up by child a tote for each with following so you’re ready to go to that last minute invitation for play-date, pool or beach.  Swimsuit, sunblock for body as well as a lip balm, beach blanket or sheet (grab an old beat up or ripped on you were going to donate anyways!) towel, book, game, sunglasses, sun goggles, few empty plastic containers for play, cards, plastic utensils make great ‘fine detail’ tools for sand! Toys, etc. Remember  some plastic grocer bags/ziplock for those wet clothes coming back!