Organizing Relief, as a company about 5 years ago, made a conscious decision to re-structure and re-focus the company to meet a real need in our marketplace locally that we kept coming across that wasn’t being met.  Although we certainly do ‘regular’ organizing jobs and don’t turn them away we are still focused on  4 areas that we are unique in:

  • Start ups – Small Businesses
  • Seniors & Babyboomers – Who are transitioning and downsizing
  • Special Needs Families – Whether that is a child or adult.
  • Vets


A quick ‘brush-stroke’ of each:

Start-Ups – Small Businesses: 

At Organizing Relief there are presently 4 of us that are the HR licensed and certified Human Resources types with organizational backgrounds.   We can go in and help create & establish the core or infrastructure of a beginning company out of the shoot (or before for that matter!)  We can help keep them ‘safe’ before the doors even open up!

For instance for a small manufacturing company we can make sure that they have all the necessary paper systems such as payroll, personnel, billing/contact,etc.  as well as the necessary OSHA/GOV paperwork in place as well as necessary posters, eye wash stations, etc. that sort of protection goes a long way!

We had a small manufacturing company, here in the Merrimack Valley that called us in.  During the assessment I couldn’t believe all the violations- especially in the actual manufacturing and production floor areas!  They didn’t even have an eye-wash center, no safety goggles, no emergency shut-offs – nothing!  Well, to make a long story short I sent him our estimates, projects in the red zone and he called me less than 5 minutes later laughing that he should have listened to his WIFE! And called us in the month before as it had cost him a sizeable fine as they had failed in inspection!!-NOT a good way to start out of the shoot as a company!

Seniors & Baby Boomers: a HUGE growing field – especially in New England as Babyboomers are not going south!Let’ talk statistics for a moment:

There are 79 Million of us in the US alone!  MA population alone:  over 6.5 million   2.2 million over age of 50,  1.3m 60+, 650K 70+, 300k are  80+,  a VERY large Boomer Population exists in just MA alone!

Baby Boomers:  Let’s start with this group!

We are usually a bit more on top of things as in purging and downsizing vs our parents and grandparents were.  We aren’t in the same ‘family’ homes that we grew up in – maybe we’ve moved several times due to jobs, etc.

This large population group want to make sure their donations to family members end up in the right hands, their memory items and books are sorted out and ready to go!  Some love purging and downsizing as soon as they are empty nesters while others love taking over the kids rooms and making them studies, offices, libraries, craft rooms, theatres, wine cellers, etc. J


Seniors today are living a heck of a lot longer and most much healthier and active.  They too want to get things in order for their loved ones but tend to have lived in their parents homes or raised a family of their own for many decades filling them up to the attics!

Depending on the assessment of what ‘type’ of senior we are dealing with and whether or not they are healthy or not, mobile or not, or of sound mind depends on the plan and process.

With a Life Management Organizational Plan to transition and pare down their belongings in their current location or over to a smaller setting, we can help.  Here we establish an ongoing project plan, then maintenance plan to help them meet their goals.  We usually are also working with various personalities and styles of both family members, relatives and care units, streamlining them to a common goal that meets everyone’s needs.

Special Needs:

We are the only organizing company certified in the majority of the special needs arenas for MA and NH to-date.  With several decades of expertise we can help you and your family with specific strategies that make a difference.

We help in this area by empowering special needs families with organizing skills to change their current environments into a more simplified, de-cluttered life-style.  We work with various entities and sometimes multiple partners at the same time such as an elderly parent, son or daughter, grandchild and outside elder services and such.


Here’s a scary statistic.  Vet #’ as of 2011:

MA:  374,809 (female: 32,683  Male: 342.125)                                                      NH: 84,498 (female: 8,788 Male:75,710)

Women Vets: 273, 957

Gulf War: 79,515

Vietnam War: 124,804

Korean War: 45,190

WWII: 37,189

Peacetime: 100,852 (female: 32,683  Male: 342.125)

The needs are very real for chronic disorganization in all three of these catagories, especially Vet’s.  Organizing Relief is here to assist these fine groups over the long haul with Life Management Plans to keep everything in it’s place!  Thank you for lisening and inviting me here today to answer your questions and learn more about our services! Happy to answer any questions after we’re done here today!