Tame Those Summer – Time Sandals!


It’s that time of the year when we are loving the summer sun, lazy days, camps, etc.

BUT – What happens to your home with all those crazy shoes, sandals, sneakers and such – Yikes!

Well there is an easy fix – really!  Just shop your home and grab &  re-purpose a plastic tub, bucket or wicker basket(s) and throw them all in (by the door most of you use!)   Decorate them if you want – have some light-hearted fun!

This way, it not only looks and feels less chaotic and messy BUT  you not to be constantly tripping over someone’s shoe, sandal or otherwise!!

A lot of family members?  Well then if you have the space or spaces then split up containers for his/her, or mom/dad, kids, or per child so they develop a more organized habit knowing when to take off and where to put coming in the door.

Bonus?  Always being able to locate a pair!!

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