The Desk Set up in your Office!

It’s all in the desk, really!

Look for desk that is long but not too wide! On a deep desk, paper, files, folders tend to pile up and get lost or start sliding around. You want one that accommodates your needs but the surface will allow you to function well in the space while you are working.

Things you need for basic functioning office desk:

  • Tools and accessories that really ‘belong’ to a desk would include:
  • Telephone/telephone pad
  • Answering machine
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Your Address book or telephone files
  • Pencil holder to corral all the pens, pencils, scissors, ruler, letter opener
  • Paper clip holder
  • Stapler
  • Tape dispenser or roll

Solid Desk Lamp – This really can make a difference to the feel and workspace of your office. Incandescent lighting ‘soften’s desk area for less fatique (especially in fluorescent lighting offices).

Remember to try out and check for shadowing areas…righties need on left, lefties on right as rule of thumb!

Desk should have a minimum of 3 functioning drawers. Drawer dividers are greator drawer organizers to keep most off the surface of your desk such as stapler, accessories unnecessary hour to hour.

Backup supplies (paper, extra pens, pencils, ink, etc.) can be stored here (if room), on nearby shelf, otherwise best in another supply closet or file.

Bulletin boards are a super aid IF YOU NEED and USE them! This is a great tool is used daily for such reminders of you would refer to regularly and perform to, maps,daily necessary numbers, zipcodes, etc. otherwise don’t clutter space with it!

Workstation area: Computer, keyboard, mouse should ultimately be in a separate area or workstation if possible. You should be able to turn and swivel your chair from desk to workstation.

Now for the ‘personal’ touches to your office! Think about the image you want to present here…take a moment and really think about the entrance, how peoples first impressions would be, what do they see first, second, at all in your business space (if outside home) Select them carefully. Maybe a family or dog photo, nice ‘tasteful’ paperweight (not Las Vegas casino night!),awards or mementos that pertain to your work and industry that are keeping to your image you want to project. Remember rule of thumb: Get a new one, lose or retire that old one! 978-314-6383

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