kissOr as I prefer K.S.S.!!

Keep SIMPLE Systems!

KSS Systems – The difference between daily success or failure really. KSS works best and most efficient with THE LEAST amount of stress, anxiety, extra work, etc. Do it right the first time!

Especially with children and elderly, or anyone with ADD/ADHD, Set up (or re-establish a ‘new and improved’ system) Systems that will work with your needs every time with least amount of friction, ...

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Medicine Cabinet Madness

cabinateEver have your son, daughter or spouse come home and feel awful or worse, wake in middle of night and groggily grab things from the cabinet? OR medicine has expired because no one checked it….

There are many reasons to go through your medicine cabinet today or at least regularly, especially if you are a parent! Regular aspirin, cold remedies, heart pills, high blood pressure medicines…mistakes happen ...

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The Desk Set up in your Office!

It’s all in the desk, really!

Look for desk that is long but not too wide! On a deep desk, paper, files, folders tend to pile up and get lost or start sliding around. You want one that accommodates your needs but the surface will allow you to function well in the space while you are working.

Things you need for basic functioning office desk:

  • Tools and accessories that really ‘belong’ to a desk would ...
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Tame Those Summer – Time Sandals!


It’s that time of the year when we are loving the summer sun, lazy days, camps, etc.

BUT – What happens to your home with all those crazy shoes, sandals, sneakers and such – Yikes!

Well there is an easy fix – really!  Just shop your home and grab &  re-purpose a plastic tub, bucket or wicker basket(s) and throw them all in (by ...

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Scrapbook – Craft Crazy?

All those loose pieces every way, NOT again….Quick Tips to get Organizing ‘Relief’!

1) Go to local Pizza Shop and purchase some new boxes in variety of sizes.

NOW: Use these to store your scraps of paper by size, ribbons, bows, clippings, scraps cloth, etc. Also great for kids homework and craft areas ‘ready to pull when needed’ projects!

Things fit perfectly, great stackable boxes that don’t take a lot of space and can be used on bookshelves, counters, craft areas, etc.

Don’t like the ...

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Label-makers are wonderous inventions, don’t you think?


Labels, Labels, Labels – They do so much for us don’t they?

Think about it… they serve such an important role in our lives especially in a busy bustling household!

Don’t have a label maker, then just use your computer and print on business card or address label or special ‘stickee’ paper for printers!

They help each and every one of us by knowing (with identification) and keeping straight for us: ‘exactly’ who ...

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Some Quick De-Cluttering Questions to Ask Yourself


Here are some simple 101 tips to help you every day in de-cluttering or making those dreading decisions about stuff!

•    Ask yourself these questions each and every time you are trying to make a decision on an item – say a piece of clothing from your closet, kitchenware, furniture, appliances, whatever!
•    Do I really really love this item?
•    Do I really NEED it?
•    How often do ...

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Quick & Easy Work-Time Clothing Dilemma – Organizing Relief Help!


Start Today – You CAN DO IT!

Here is a very simple, effective and easy strategy used by many organizers, coaches and parents that REALLY works!

Visual Cues really help you de-stress and de-clutter your closet nicely over time as ell as keep a handle on your closet work and play clothes! Life is so hectic today that some of us, actually many of us have a hard time remembering what we wore, ...

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Warranties, Manuals, Original Receipts for Returns…

manualsEvery home has these problems with not being able to find those User Manuals when you need them…or husband who is trying to put together that bike, grill, lawnmower, whatever….ugh!

So BEFORE your important (sometimes!) manuals walk off forever let’s just solve the problem now!

Well this is a very easy area to fix – really! Many ways to solve like scanning and putting all on cd (harder for returns!) Getting ...

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Hate doing Laundry? Who doesn’t!!!

laundry    Ugh….

Try something different and see the difference a load can make! Let’s face the facts shall we, laundry is a NEVER-ENDING chore/task that just seems to magically appear and swell that laundry basket without a moments notice with children around

Now let’s talk time savings for YOU!  STOP sorting laundry – yup, that’s what I said…eliminate that part entirely the whole entire sorting process – ...

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