We at Organizing Relief understand the requirements of start-up to small companies and home offices by offering affordable office organizing services. We make sure that there is nothing in your office area that is uninspiring, so we work with you creatively to remove any obstacles standing in your way as well as any unnecessary things that are of no use and cluttering your thoughts and space. In addition to purging useless material items in your office, we work with you to re-arrange, streamline and add productivity into you’re working spaces according to your needs and preferences, From time management to files storage, we ensure complete organization of every little and big thing that can create anarchy if not put in order.

Expertise in the following areas:
  • Organizing, Paper & File management, streamlining, productivity, training, decluttering, office, cubicle or general spaces. Proud to be known for creative ‘out of the box’ solutions.
  • Business offices, cubicles, open concept offices, virtual, vehicle, office storage areas, supply closets, storage closets, mail rooms, file rooms, home offices, spare rooms, Executive or company moves, etc.
  • Office productivity and streamlining assessments, consultations, tailored client needs, styling.
  • Work with creative, brilliant executives & management with ADHD/ADD, Executive Functioning, planning, time management, coaching, etc. with techniques to stay current and on top of their game.
  • Short term or Long term Employee Assistance to help reorganize a rehab ‘refit’ of a home which allows employee to continue producing work from home while rehabilitating, to special area re-organization of spaces to make a more streamlining, positive setting that is safer, more productive, calmer, compliant and organized – we are your company!
  • Special Projects/Coaching
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  • Start up
  • Small businesses
  • Entreprenuers
  • Solo preneurs
  • Home & Virtual Offices
  • Organizing – building functional & clear spaces within your home
  • Decluttering - purging, donations, gifting, memorabilia,
  • Downsizing & Moves
  • Paper & Time Management Systems for life and paper
  • Holiday/Seasonal /Party shifts of decorating
  • Transitional Organizing
Special Needs
  • Challenging Disabilities – including physical limitations, TBI, PTSD, Autism / Asperger, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, MS, Alzheimer’s among others.
  • Special or medical needs - instant access paper and file systems
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Baby Boomers & Seniors
  • Downsizing, moves or living in place simplifying
Move Management
  • Decluttering
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Setting up new spaces